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Frequently asked questions

What is WONDER's BEE level?

As an EME we are level 4. Click to download our BEE certificate.

Isn't your 'agile' model just outsourcing? Isn't it better to have an in-house team?

Our agile model allows us to purpose-build bespoke teams for projects based on exactly the sort of resource that's required. The worry with in house teams is that all briefs get pushed onto the same set of people, and they can't possibly be equipped to be experts at everything. We prefer to own full responsibility for the outcome but to work flexibly with different service providers to deliver the best result.

How do you approach project costings?

We charge project fees that are associated with the scope of deliverables. In order to arrive at the project fees we take a view of the required resource commitment, but our commitment is to deliver against the scope rather than to simply tally up hours. We scope against certain project parameters which are included in our project proposals. So once signed off, the project fees won’t change unless there is a change in scope or in the project parameters.

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