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Case studies of our work

It's how we've made a meaningful difference to our clients.



Solal vitamins and supplements had reasonable awareness and a wide range. But potential customers lacked knowledge about what different ingredients can help with. And so the wide range just meant they felt overwhelmed by choice at shelf and moved on.


Our task was to educate them. But this could easily be dull. Our solution was an influencer series ‘In The Circle with Solal’ that saw expert pharmacist Brent Murphy interviewing celeb influencers about personal wellness challenges they’d faced. The influencers revealed seldom-seen vulnerability that was captivating to our audience. And Brent seamlessly inserted helpful product information as the discussion unfolded.


You can see the viewership figures for yourself on YouTube, and the platform remains live to this day.

#2 CAPTURING IMAGINATION: Score 'Bucket List' challenge

Score Energy Drink is all about helping you win at the game of life. For their volume-driver promotion we picked an engaging idea that backed their fans to take the risk and jump at a chance for success. We invited people to buy a can of Score, submit their longed-for 'bucket list' experience, and stand a chance to win one. The buzz of shared ideas along with shot content of winners doing things like jumping off the Soweto towers drove enthusiastic engagement. Runner up prizes of plenty of buckets of Score worked to broaden the base of winners. Sales shot up.

The promotion ran only on social and reached 628k people who generated 487k ThruPlays and 100k engagements.

#3 PEOPLE-CENTRIC PURPOSE: The surprising story of Score Umhlonyane

Score Energy Drink doesn't immediately strike one as purpose-driven. But the truth is, this homegrown success story has always worked to uplift the communities and stakeholders which it serves.


Their latest flavour uses a traditional herb called Umhlonyane, grown by a community of disadvantaged women in KZN. The business model is designed to empower these women and we realised this was the perfect opportunity to disrupt the existing perceptions of the brand. Our heartwarming documentary (shot on a shoestring) and its accompanying press release garnered outsize media coverage. YouTube videos of the documentary exceed 100k.

#4 FURTHER TOGETHER: Old Mutual Wealth Double Century hero stage

Our strategy for activating Old Mutual Wealth's sponsorship of the iconic 200km Double Century cycle race was firmly to focus on building brand presence that added real value to the riders' experience. Pre-race digital amplification focused on Strava challenges and compelling pre-race content. And on the day our piece-de-resistance was a Tour De France style stage (Old Mutual Wealth branded) with a responsive digital billboard that carried the name of whichever team was on the stage. Our photographers captured every team that took to the stage and within 24 hours the race captains had their photos to share with their teams.

To call it a hit is an understatement...last year a day-long stream of 210 teams lined up to get their unique celebratory shots. The stage has become an institution at the race and will be there, for the 3rd time, in 2023.

#5 FASHION FORWARD: Jet Live in Denim

Jet wanted to reclaim their position as a denim destination. Our edgier models pushed the envelope a bit for this family friendly retailer. We achieved high production values on a limited budget, and developed 'Live In Denim' and the associated stitching-style lock-up as a long term denim destination platform for Jet.

Most recent

Our two latest greatest case studies are coming up next:

JOURNEY TO WELLNESS: Wellness Warehouse 


Wellness Warehouse tasked us with attracting new customers to the brand. We saw the opportunity to better link their products to audience insights to trigger interest, neatly wrapping it all in the brand promise of helping you on your journey to wellness.

We used influencers to do this, and leveraged their popularity to drive broader awareness and engagement amongst new audience groups. The idea was to test and learn, to see what influencers, message hooks, audience sets and types of creative worked most effectively so that we can build a long-term marketing system that is optimized for ROI.

The campaign delivered astoundingly good results, beating all ROI benchmarks, driving CTR and traffic up well beyond expectations and driving down metrics like CPM and CPC.

AFRICA MADE: Momentum Metropolitan

We helped Momentum Metropolitan spark a continent-wide celebration of Africa Day with their audience. The platform of #AfricaMade showcased a digitised, enabled, resilient and thriving Africa through a manifesto video that we translated into each region's main language.

From this we created supporting assets for social media and OOH that cleverly highlighted key products in that region and incentivised sharing across key platforms. The work was welcomed and amplified by all their regional teams, growing positive brand sentiment for both Momentum and Metropolitan.

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